Gain Without Pain – Preventing Bodybuilding Accidents

We’ve all heard the phrase “Every sport has its injuries”. It’s widely used to describe anything from stock market fall outs to unwanted pregnancies. These extremes aside, most strenuous sports are bound by their very nature to be punctuated with mishaps and resultant casualties and bodybuilding is a sport that has extreme physical exertion as its core more from here!

You have to push your muscles to failure to get them to grow. You have to push them harder today than you did last week and you’ll be busting the envelope again next week. Obviously in this harsh and unforgiving physical environment bodybuilding accidents are to be expected.

Yes, there will be bodybuilding accidents, but it is possible to minimize the risk of injury considerably by tempering your routines with common sense and good practice.

Most bodybuilding accidents and the ensuing injuries are caused by only a few factors, stupidity, ignorance (not to be confused with stupidity) and sub-standard equipment being the most common.

Now I know calling 230 Lb individuals who are constructed like brick outhouses stupid is perhaps in itself an invitation for bodily damage, but let’s just see if the shoe fits before I add dismemberment to my medical insurance profile. Diving straight into a killer routine without warming up is stupid, turning yourself into an inverted Ken doll because you didn’t wear wrist or knee wraps is dumb. So is ungracefully depositing 3 feet of your lower intestine in front of your gym partner because you tried to dead lift 100 Lbs more than you should have.

Stupid regarding a bodybuilding accident means not doing what you are supposed to do, doing what you’re not supposed to or pushing yourself to a place you are not yet prepared to go. Pilots have an old saying “Don’t let the aircraft take you where your mind has not been half an hour ago.” The same can be said of bodybuilding. Plan ahead; you know what your routine is for the day.see it more from

Take the necessary clobber with you, warm up correctly and don’t try anything out of the bounds of that routine. Stupid is also knowingly pushing your self beyond your limits for whatever reason. Unreasonable risks are just plain dumb. Many have gone before and the rules and standards have been bought and paid for with much blood and tears. Pay them heed and history will be kept out of the equation.

Now on to ignorance. This is meant to read “uninformed”. A lack of knowledge has lead to many stretcher cases, particularly regarding bodybuilding accidents. Gym work is extreme and as such it is easy for the uninitiated tyro to make mistakes in technique, execution or equipment utilization in their routines. Not being fully aware of your body type limitations or fitness level is also a disaster waiting to happen.

Knowledge is power and being informed and acting accordingly is a sure fire method of stacking the odds in your favour when it comes to preventing bodybuilding accidents. Get assessed by a pro to establish your personal profile, heed and remember their advice, follow gym rules and protocols and if you are not sure about something, ask.

Sub standard gym equipment does not automatically mean 6 cinder blocks and a length of water pipe. Pro equipment in reputable facilities wears and becomes unserviceable with time. If it doesn’t look or work right, it probably isn’t. A quick pre-flight prior to using the machines will ensure that you don’t end up in a body-cast as a result of a machine failure.

Home gyms are also prone to produce a lot of bodybuilding accidents as there are no enforced standards or supervision. Try at all costs to ensure that the kit you use at home is the best quality you can get and keep it in good condition. Take your routines and limitations seriously and heed advice given by the pros. A serious injury can put you out of commission for months and could even end your career completely. It’s just not worth it.

Apart from the run of the mill stiffness and aching muscles that are generally par for the course, the most common bodybuilding related types of injuries are:

• Sprains resulting from over extension of connecting tendons.

• Bursitis which results from damage to the bursa padding between muscles and bones.


• Contusions resulting from impact related bruising.

• Bone fractures.

• Avulsion or muscle tears.

• Strains or muscle over extension.

Most, if not all, these injuries can be prevented by applying basic, common sense and practicing good technique and restraint in your routines. These measures will by no means guarantee you immunity from all bodybuilding accidents, but will go a long way to minimizing the risk involved in one of the most physically demanding of all sports.

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