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Melanotan 2 is a newer and healthier way to get a killer tan without getting the killer skin cancers and sun damage that usually goes along with a good tan. Ever wonder how the stars and fitness experts can promote healthy skin care and yet they always seem to have a perfect complexion and awesome tan? MT2 is their secret. The days of messy, inconvenient and short-lived spray tans are numbered due to the release of this product. Curious about what it is? Interested in how it works and if it is safe? Learn more about the Melanotan peptide here!

What Is MT2?

MT2 or the Melanotan two peptides is a way of artificially triggering the part of your body that makes you tan. Melatonin is what is triggered in your skin to make you darker when you are exposed to the sun, and UV rays and MT2 has found a way to simulate that in your body and deliver the peptide it needs to trigger the tanning effect without the dangerous exposure to UV rays!

Why MT2 Has the Advantage

For those with fair or pale skin that have more of a risk when it comes to being exposed to the sun and UV rays, this is a great alternative. However, it is a great alternative for everyone who does not want to risk the danger of skin cancer and sun damage. Peptide for bodybuilding is a great idea because of the amount of tan needed for competitions; it is a lot safer and much less messy and possibly uneven than the spray tans and lotion tans.

How to Get MT2

Buy peptides with caution because there are a lot of imitation products that claim to do the same thing as MT2 but actually are completely ineffective. There are nasal sprays, ingestible tablets, pills and other edible forms of it but all of these methods cannot be effective because the peptide is too large to fit through the nasal sinus membrane and the edible forms will end up being destroyed and rendered useless in your stomach due to the enzymes that dissolve them. The only forms of MT2 that actually work are injectable. Do your research and find reviews on the products you are considering because they are not all created equal.

Bear in mind that MT2 is not meant to treat any type of skin issues, and it is not a cure for anything- it is merely a solution to a common problem, and for some want or need a tan regularly, it is a preventative measure that makes sun exposure unnecessary. The benefits of MT2 are undeniable. If you are currently using a tanning product or artificially tanning in some way, this is a much better alternative to the messy, expensive and time-consuming tanning procedures. The health aspect of it is what has really captivated many stars, fitness models and bodybuilders. If you are interested in a safe, less messy tanning product, the best new alternative is undeniably Melanotan 2.

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