Bodybuilding Clothes

Tips On Buying Bodybuilding Clothes

One of the areas of sport that has seen a considerable amount of evolution over the last couple of decades is sporting apparel. We have seen sportswear go from bland, unflattering and purely functional to high fashion and high tech.

Bodybuilding is no exception and the jeans, tee shirts and lumpy, unflattering sweats of years gone by have made place for Spandex, Lycra and other high tech combination materials. Scientific and fashion considerations aside, the main function of bodybuilding clothes should be to allow for maximum comfort and range of movement during workouts, and to compliment your physique during contests. Let’s consider those two basic requirements.

Bodybuilding workouts generally consist of small arc, repetitive movements. The clothing chosen for workout routines should be roomy enough to allow for this type of movement and the associated increase in muscle volume. Repetitive movement is inclined to cause serious chafing, particularly around cuff areas so this is one part of the clothing that needs to be loose fitting if you are not using second skin products such as Lycra. Another consideration when choosing bodybuilding clothes is sweat absorption.  More bodybuilding info from

Materials such as Spandex are designed to wick sweat away from the skin surface while allowing it to breath. This is essential for comfort, reduction of chaffing and general good hygiene. There are even bodybuilding clothes manufacturers who have incorporated mechanisms into their fabrics that release deodorizing scents when wet. Just keep in mind that the more you sweat, the better your fat burn is. If sweat stays in contact with the skin, the less you actually sweat. So, even if it sounds contradictory, clothing that keeps drawing the sweat away from your skin will encourage you to sweat more.

Bodybuilding Clothes

Bodybuilding clothes for competition use should fulfill a few basic requirements to be really effective. The costume should show off as much as possible while still keeping you out of police custody. Bodybuilding competition is a physique showcase after all, so a buttoned up trench coat won’t cut it. Don’t’ confuse skimpy with small though. A costume still needs to be well fitting, even if it does disappear in a 2 year olds palm.

There’s nothing that looks worse than someone that is being cut in half like a pair of sausages by a too small swimsuit. When picking out bodybuilding clothes for show use remember that colours need to compliment skin tone. The basic rule is dark skin, light costume. Colours such as gold and white really set off a great tan when it comes to competitive showing. As do glossy black costumes with lighter skin tones. Fabrics should also be stain resistant as far as possible as they will pick up a lot of oil during competitions.

At the end of the day, the choice of bodybuilding clothes is a personal one. They should, however, always offer good sweat absorption and unrestricted movement for workouts and be tastefully revealing for show. It’s also a good idea to invest in a good pair of workout gloves and shoes while you’re shopping around. Ironville, PittBull, Otomix, Zubaz and Golds Gym all make really good bodybuilding apparel.

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